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Canadian Mineral Exploration Environment, Health & Safety Survey

In completing this form please note the following:

The form should be completed by junior companies, major companies, government geological surveys, diamond drilling contractors, geophysical contractors, and any other companies or contractors carrying out exploration related activities in Canada. The information collected will be used to produce the Canadian Mineral Exploration Environment Health & Safety Annual Report - click here for the 2016 report. It will also be used to develop tools such as the new Helicopter Slinging Training presentation jointly developed by AME and PDAC.

We ask companies to submit in the spaces below a close estimate of the number of person days worked by company employees and contractors for the following:

  1. Surface exploration and geological field work which includes line-cutting, geophysical, geochemical, trenching, etc.
  2. Surface drilling
  3. Underground exploration including underground drilling, mining, and geological work

Please include the names of contractors so that we do not duplicate information. These names will not be published.

  • If you have any questions about the form please contact Jonathan Buchanan at 604-630-3923 or [email protected].
  • All information will be kept confidential, and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act mandates will be maintained.


Name of Person & Company Responsible for Environment, Health, & Safety


Address Information


1) Does your organization have a Health and Safety Policy? help
2) Does your organization have a Health and Safety Program? help
3) Does your organization have a Health and Safety Management Plan? help
4) Does your organization conduct health and safety simulation exercises at every field site? help
5) Does your organization conduct task risk analyses and identify hazards at each field site? help
6) During worker meetings (staff, worksite, office meetings) safety is discussed (choose one of the following):

7) For Board of Directors meetings, safety is discussed (choose one of the following):

8) Does your organization have an environment policy? help
9) Does your organization have an environmental program? help
10) Does your organization have an environment management plan? help

Person-hours Worked



Did you experience any incidents (either lost-time or without lost-time)?
If YES, please complete the incident reporting spreadsheet and attach here